JAR World Marine(Pvt) Limited is a Bangladesh Government Approved Manning Agent (Manning License No : MLA082) located in Chittagong, Bangladesh that specializes in providing qualified officers and crew for ship-owners and ship management companies worldwide. ISO 9001: 2008 Certified for Quality Management Systems.

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One positive catalyst of the economic and regulatory changes that the shipping industry has experienced over the past few years is the transformation in the relationship between fuel suppliers and their customers. While we continue to work in a commodity-based industry, the value that customers want and need goes way beyond the basic sourcing and delivery of products alone. Yes, price and quality remain critical purchasing factors, but customers need counsel and advice on the myriad of issues and challenges that now surround the process of fuel procurement. From better managing and controlling costs through effective hedging and risk management, to identifying an appropriate strategy to tackle regulatory changes, as well understanding the technical challenges of switching to low sulphur-based fuels and distillates. With the implementation of a roadmap for regulation over the next 10 years that sees the transition from heavy fuel oil to cleaner fuels that will serve to radically recalibrate the nature of procurement, the importance of a strong and close relationship between shipowners, operators and their fuel suppliers has become paramount. It is an opportunity for fuel suppliers to show customers their true value, based on demonstrating a complete understanding of the industry, globally as well as from a more localised market perspective; and, most importantly, highlighting to customers how the challenges they face within the industry can be overcome. It is a principle that OW Bunker passionately believes in; it drives our business and all customer relationships. The environmental and regulatory challenge is a good example of this. While the revision in July 2010 of MARPOL Annex VI – which saw the mandatory use of fuel oil in Emission Control Areas (ECAs) with a sulphur content of 1.0% – caused consternation in relation to supply from certain elements within the industry, the reality is that it is a wholly manageable change, particularly for suppliers like OW Bunker, who have the global scale and purchasing strength to ensure access to plenty of quality product to meet the increase in demand. However, by 2015, when the sulphur content in ECAs moves to 0.1%, shipowners and operators will be faced with a number of potential challenges. Firstly, from a technical perspective, managing the switch from heavy fuel oil to low-sulphur fuel oil and distillates, if not handled properly, can cause engine damage and subsequent downtime, as witnessed in California since the regulatory change (to 0.5% sulphur content) in 2009. Secondly, it is not an industry secret that the cost of distillates exceeds the current price of heavy fuel oil – currently by as much as 70%. And while there has been much talk within the industry – particularly amongst classification societies – about using LNG, the reality is that there are still many questions that need to be answered about the potential of supply and associated costs, as well as the issue with regards to the location of storage facilities in relation to bunkering ports and global oil hubs. The pressure on developing effective risk management strategies for fuel procurement, both from a financial and operational perspective, is therefore significantly increased. The onus must be on the fuel supplier to help alleviate these issues for shipowners and operators. It requires a partnership-based relationship that is founded on a complete understanding of the customer’s business, their trading routes and the nature and mode of supply that is required to operate. Any risk management strategy must be multi-faceted, incorporating a range of hedging instruments that account for the volatility of oil prices and the differing costs of heavy fuel oil, LSFO and distillates based on when and where the customer requires specific products. And from a technical perspective, suppliers must be wholly engrained within their customers’ operations to ensure that the quality of products is maintained and that the technicalities of switching between different fuel types does not impact vessel performance. The reality is that despite the significance of the changing dynamic of the industry, it is a transition that is manageable. But only if it is based on taking a strategic approach to fuel procurement, and embracing a relationship between shipowner and supplier that is founded on values of transparency, trust and professionalism. With over 30 years’ of experience, and an unprecedented knowledge and understanding of the industry, OW Bunker is dedicated to providing its customers with this level of service; founded solely on improving efficiencies within their operations, as well as profits, and working with them to provide solutions to the challenges that they face.. With staff members we are available 24/7 for you !.


JAR World Logistics is an active Member of Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association (BAFFA). JAR World Logistics CHITTAGONG / Bangladesh is an active Member of Xpert-Log, Singapore. We are also member of Universal Logistics Network Pte Ltd We are also member of Global Logistics Alliance EastWest Logistics Network-Singapore


JAR World Logistics is an experienced premium logistics Company from Bangladesh , specialising in international transport and all types of global cargo project consignments. JAR World Logistics is taking the world of freight by storm and changing the way expedited freight and air freight are shipped across the planet . JAR World Logistics is a rapid growing consolidator in Bangladesh, headquartered in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Established in 2000. Our services includes sea freight and air freight for loose cargo, full container load, break bulk, personal effects, door to door delivery, customs clearance and total logistics across the world. Reasons to Choose JAR WORLD as Your Logistics Partner Many Years of Experienced Key Staff Experts in FCL / LCL , LCL Consol Box and Air Representation in ALL Ports Worldwide Destinations One-Stop Shop - Full Service Low Rates, Great Customer Service, Friendly Staff ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified for Quality Management Systems Operating field: the planet. complex global transport solutions for the project and capital goods sectors. Our philosophy - The customer is a partner Join Our Online Community : Our Strengths Major Sea Carrier Partnership Major Air Carrier Partnership Flexibility Competitive Pricing Our Qualifications ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified for Quality Management Systems NVOCC – Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier Class “A” License from Customs & Port


We are exporting various sizes life boatlife boat with engine,design boat for pleasure as per demand(Open Lifeboat,Totally Enclosed,Partially Enclosed Lifeboat,New Mini boat ) Davit, Marine spare parts,New Mini boat (Japanese Factory) from Bangladesh since long time. We have stock of life boats, life raft,lifesaving Equipment, safety Equipment ,Marine Antique at our warehouse /yard and our price is very competitive.


FLEET / BUNKER BARGES The transportation of containers from ICT-Pangaon will start from October/November 2013 by inland river way using small container vsl of about 150 teus maximum capacity. Transit time from ICT-Pangaon to Chittagong port will be around 18 hours. Visit our Group companies -Click on the link to visit the websites of JAR Group's different companies.